How to Secure Wireless Router ? | Cyber Security

How to Secure Your Wireless Router ? In this demonstrate about secure your wireless router to protect from unauthorized access, hackers, DoS Attack and VPNFilter. This wireless security also protect the Internet of things devices. Here followed some steps to secure wireless router:-

Step1:- Select encryption method WPA/WPA2 PSK.

Step2:- Use Strong SSID password.

Step3:- Set the strong router login password.

Step4:- Regularly update firmware.

Step5:- Enable firewall.

Step6:- Enable DoS protection?

Step7:- Disable Web Access from WAN?

Step8:- Set secure DNS for content filtering. Step9:- Save router configuration.


To use secure DNS for content filtering and Secure Browsing in the Wireless Router

* OpenDNS “FamilyShield”: adult content

* OpenDNS Basic Security filtering + user defined policies * CleanBrowsing Family Shield

* CleanBrowsing Adult

* CleanBrowsing Security

* AdGuard DNS Family

* Neustar DNS Advantage Malware, ransomware, spyware, phishing

* Neustar DNS Advantage Low security + gambling, pornography, violence, hate

* Neustar DNS Advantage Medium security + gaming, adult, drugs, alcohol, anonymous proxies

* SafeDNS Malicious, phishing domains + user defined policies

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