Security Events in IT World 19-06-2017

1. Bank Officials Involved In Cyberheist – Mid-ranking officials of Bangladesh Bank deliberately exposed bank’s network to allow theft of $81 million. The official of Bangladesh Bank had deliberately exposed its network, thus creating vulnerabilities and allowing hackers to steal $81 million.

2. Engineer Sentenced to Prison for Hacking Utility, Disabling Water Meter-Readers – A man is sentenced to more than a year in prison after hacking into a remote water meter reading system run by his former employer. The radio frequency engineer hacked into his former employer’s computer system after he was fired and disabled the water meter readers. As a result, his former employer spent a large amount of time working with forensic examiners to determine what happened and how to resolve the problem.

3. How Bad Data Alters Machine Learning Results – Machine learning models tested on single sources of data can prove inaccurate when presented with new sources of information. The effectiveness of machine learning models may vary between the test phase and their use “in the wild” on actual consumer data.

4. The Rising Tide of Crimeware-as-a-Service – Malware, botnets, phishing and backdoors are all offered on the cheap as subscription. These days even crime is in the cloud. Today’s successful malware writers are remarkable in their ability to adjust not only their technical capabilities to evade the latest security technologies, but also their business practices to meet the needs of money-motivated criminals across the globe.

5. Why Compromised Identities Are IT’s Fault – The eternal battle between IT and security is the source of the problem. The compromise and misuse of identity credentials provides the easiest doorway into an enterprise network, and the quickest path to its most valuable assets.

6. Immigration Officials Impersonated in Call Center Scam – A call center in India was used to scare US residents with threats of imprisonment and deportation in a ruse that impersonated US officials. With stolen data and a call center based in India, a group of thieves impersonated Internal Revenue Service and US Citizenship and Immigration Services officials to scare money out of US residents.

7. Indian Banks Hit By Debit Card Security Breach- Around 3.25 million debit cards affected by breach of 90 ATMs, prompting card replacement and PIN change. A cybersecurity issue has hit the debit card network in India with a possible compromise of the backend system of ATM operations, thus forcing several banks to replace cards or ask for changes in security codes.

8. Lack of Experience Biggest Obstacle for InfoSec Career – A majority of wanna-be infosec professionals find they need more experience to be a contender to enter this career. Relevant job experience is the biggest barrier when it comes to landing a career in information security, according to new data.

9. 1 Million Endpoints Exposed on Public Internet via Microsoft File-Sharing Services – Research on global Internet security posture found endpoints leaving Microsoft SMB file-sharing systems wide open online. More than one million global endpoints are exposed on the public Internet via Microsoft file-sharing services – 800,000 of which are confirmed Windows systems spanning nearly all product and release versions.

10. Most Organizations Not Satisfied with Threat Intelligence – Information Security Forum survey finds just one quarter of companies surveyed say threat intelligence technology is delivering on its promise.

11. Hospital Email Security in Critical Condition as DMARC Adoption Lags – Healthcare providers are slow to adopt Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocol, and it’s dangerously compromising their email security.